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…I implied that being mediocre ain’t that bad but both Micro and Hoo won’t listen and continued to pull each others’ hair so I posted a couple of really funny spoofs here and here. I also posted a poem I wrote light years ago but Ozzy Osbourne didn’t give a ****.

M’s Poem #4


photo by youngdoo

Tokens of My Sentiment

My heart bled when you wept;
My heart called out when you tapped;
on the window ever so slightly,
on my heart ever so faintly.

Why have I unexpectedly written a poem?

M’s Poem #2


Ghost From The Past

And as the sun sets
And day turn turns to night
I see your name
In the silhouette of the horizon

As your face perches the edge of my sanity
I hear you call out
Like a ghost from the past
I am redeemed again by your touch

As the sky darkens
And the stars come out and play
I am recalled of your innocence
And your giggle that hypnotizes

Destined to be in your prison
I am chained hands and knees
I cannot break free
You are in me
You are the one I fear
The ghost from the past

Why have I unexpectedly written a poem?

M’s Poem #1


photo by spd2224

If Only

it makes me smile.
it lifts my spirits.
takes me to magical places,
makes me the most wondrous momentos in my mind.

Mind? Thoughts? Imagination?
Yes, it is all but true,
For reality it is not,
And reality is what we are.

a mere fragment of my mind,
a scarce life which my soul wishes to reside.
But wishes are only words hoped to come true.
So why do we wish,
knowing that its just words?

Why have I unexpectedly written a poem?


I’ve always wanted to write something. I have a fantastic imagination, and I thought I was able to write books. The downside to this is that writing is an art AND a skill, and that requires discipline. I have none of those I’ve just mentioned. But I like to write. I can go and writing and writing. And I do have a very particular way of writing. I also have a knack for being anal about typos and grammatical errors in others’ works (funnily enough I find typos even on my blog). I even wanted to be an advertising copywriter! Needless to say none of that materialised. Then again, I also wanted to be a Transformer.

What I have written well, though, are poems. I once won a cash prize for being among the top 50 finalists in a worldwide poetry competition, believe it or not. Something else on someone else’s blog reminded me of this and I got quite a lot of commendation for my poems. Arguably, they’re not “good” e.g. Poe’s standard, but they were written during very dark times in my life. Times I do not want to relive and time that are seemingly gone. Seemingly because I don’t seem to get the inspiration to write such poems anymore and seemingly because I have won anything for writing.

Since I am at a relatively more stable stage in my life now, I can safely dig them out and not worry about reminding myself of how upsetting things were. And I can share them with you. Over the next few weeks, I shall be randomly posting them here. So watch out for them!

M’s Poem #5


a little more

loving someone is like good wine
a little bit, the wine smells like heaven
a little bit more you get tipsy
a little bit more you’re off your feet

being loved by someone is like good wine
a little bit, you feel good. you want more
a little bit more you cant resist it
a little more you lose your inhibition

love is like good wine
there can never be enough
love is like good wine
too much it leave you lifeless

Why have I unexpectedly written a poem?