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photo by mattohara

Referring to my previous post, I was wondering what if God had created us somewhat different e.g. we had bodies that did not need that 6-8 hours to recuperated, then we wouldn’t need to sleep so much. Perhaps an hour or two? And voila! 22 hours a day to get things done! That’s double what most of us have now, almost.

Then again, not only could that have been counter-productive, that could’ve been purely destructive. Methinks, that because we double the waking hours, we would have discovered things much earlier; the Industrial revolution migh have happened 500 years earlier and the Information Technology and Age of Nanotechnology would have started 250 years ago. So that means, because of this exponential rate of acceleration, in 2008, we would’ve completely wiped out all life on earth!


photo by ejazasi

After doing some dumbfounding calculations, I have mind-blowing evidence that life is crap.

Of all my years on this planet, trying to make my way into the community and making a lidabidamoolah,
I’ve wasted:

6 months waiting for traffic lights to turn green

2 years looking for things

and most frighteningly,


If you have a regime by which I can sleep less and still be as productive (or unproductive) as I am now, please do let me know.