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This little guy here is called the Linutop 2. It is so small that even my hard drive is bigger. Gone are the days when only the obese can say “I sat on my computer and broke it.” Cometh are the days when schoolchildren can say “My dog ate my homework, which was in my computer.”

What we have here, is not an ultra fast super computer that can run NASA and MI5 at the same time. In fact, it only has a 500Mhz Processor, 512MB RAM and it comes with a load of open-source applications like the Ubuntu OS and Open Office on a minuscule 1GB of memory!

It is, however, the world’s most energy-efficient computer. It uses just as much energy as a lettuce. Hooking it up to the Sony OLED might be pretty hot. Told you things were getting smaller. Or flatter.

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with another MacBook Air spoof for these little fellas, like these ones here, and here.

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…I implied that being mediocre ain’t that bad but both Micro and Hoo won’t listen and continued to pull each others’ hair so I posted a couple of really funny spoofs here and here. I also posted a poem I wrote light years ago but Ozzy Osbourne didn’t give a ****.


Ohmygodmygodmygodmygod. This is my OLED dreams come true.

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Apparently in Europe the PS3 will take over the XBox 360 this summer and in France and Spain, it already has. But nothing compares when we’re told that Wii whoops both their bums, by outselling
the PS3 4 to 1! This ration was 3 to 1 in January and Xbox only managed to sell less than 15,000 whilst Japanese sales of Wii surpassed the 350k mark. The question that I’m asking here is that whether or not the Wii should be thought of as a competitor for the PS3 and the XB360? Continue Reading »

A rip-off of the Sony Bravia Balls ad.