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  • THIS IS SPARTA! and it’s gay! Hilarious.
  • Like a chinese rapper and women drivers (GASP!), these guys just aren’t meant to do these parts

Like spoofs? Here’s more.

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This little guy here is called the Linutop 2. It is so small that even my hard drive is bigger. Gone are the days when only the obese can say “I sat on my computer and broke it.” Cometh are the days when schoolchildren can say “My dog ate my homework, which was in my computer.”

What we have here, is not an ultra fast super computer that can run NASA and MI5 at the same time. In fact, it only has a 500Mhz Processor, 512MB RAM and it comes with a load of open-source applications like the Ubuntu OS and Open Office on a minuscule 1GB of memory!

It is, however, the world’s most energy-efficient computer. It uses just as much energy as a lettuce. Hooking it up to the Sony OLED might be pretty hot. Told you things were getting smaller. Or flatter.

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with another MacBook Air spoof for these little fellas, like these ones here, and here.

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…I implied that being mediocre ain’t that bad but both Micro and Hoo won’t listen and continued to pull each others’ hair so I posted a couple of really funny spoofs here and here. I also posted a poem I wrote light years ago but Ozzy Osbourne didn’t give a ****.

Tango balls

I bet you know I enjoy spoofs, don’t you? Here’s one that I recalled seeing. Can you guess which ad it’s spoofing?

Clue: I’ve recently shown you. (shh…)

Previously I posted a spoof of the MacBook Air ad.

Now I’m going to share with you another spoof of the ad.

It’s silly little things like that that brighten up my day.

A follow-up to Lunar BBDO’s post.

Remember super ads like Sony’s “Balls” and Honda’s “Cog“? The follow up to Balls was tepid at best – which was disappointing – but Honda Civic’s, with an orchestra emulating the roars and squeaks and booms made by the Civic was, I thought, brilliant!

Then came that ad by Orange, of people expanding and continuing the colours of the rainbow (tagline: don’t let good things end, or something like that). I thought this was alright, because I was indifferent to the brand Orange, and I quite like the colour orange. And the fact that the art direction for the ad was quite good.

From then on, advertising creativity just went down the drain. This was demonstrated by the new Ford Focus ad, which seemed to me like a combination (and complete rip-off) of both Honda’s Cog and Civic adverts. And this has just made me even more loathe to buy a Focus – and I used to think that the RS was alright.

But, occasionally, you get something along the same lines, which, because of one reason or the other, you quite like. This time around, it could have been the brand. Most of my friends know that I am an assman, I mean Audi guy, and the new range has not changed my mind. And the ad, which does have some resemblance to the ads mentioned above. But I suspect that because it’s Audi, I am not complaining about it. Not dissing you, Lunar!

What do you think?

A word to creatives out there: when you want to pay homage and the characteristics of your brand allows it, do a complete spoof. Otherwise, lay off. One of my favourite spoofs come from my one of my favourite brands: 118118. And it’s a spoof – a very good one – of one of my favourite ads of all time. Well done, Fallon (or was it W+K?) and WCRS!