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I’ve heard of people getting their rocks off on molesting women on trains, peeking under their skirts, masturbating on public transports and even peeping into toilet booths. But this by far takes a cake…and the cream.

This Singaporean Sicko likes sniffing girls so much that he’s done it to more than 20 women in 15 months in various places, including in their homes! This is one sick guy.

Deservingly, he got caught and has been sentenced to a long time in jail and he’ll be caned, too.

You can read the whole article here.

Speaking of ‘pits, here are some of the best Lynx adverts to-date.

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image by Tonsils

Some places are just ruder than others. And here at TWOM, we’ve just discovered, using Google maps, some of the “dirtiest” places in the world. Come on in and see what and where they are, and the number one rude place that sparked the whole thing.

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Yeah but if they all look like Cheryl Tweedy, they can be as loud as they want.


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Faithful readers,

I am finally back to my beloved blog and I have missed you all. I have been very busy preparing for various tasks that are to be carried out within the next few months, which is why I have (unintentionally) hung you guys to dry for those couple of weeks since my last post. Right now I am back and I have a tonne of posts all half-ready to go, so please expect more of your daily dose of crazy ramblings and awesome encounters.

So before I go on to tickle your senses, here’s what’s been happening since TWOM 2.0:

The small, shy and cute Wii, turns out to be an understated and underestimated monster, rising from the depths of wireless hell and killing the PS3 and Xbox. Watch out because yours might be eaten alive tomorrow, it’s only a matter of time. If that isn’t exciting enough, how about a toilet with a built-in tsunami? Several people, suffering from wii-thdrawal symptoms, with loads of dosh, Gs, moolah, cash and greens went to get this display/mirror, and abused it by masturbating whilst enjoying tasteful nudity and shopping euphoria. To grief over their wii’s, they went out to get a truck load of Mario stuff and stumbled into Mario heaven – or something that looks like it came from the game.

– a collection of the favourite posts in the last couple of months

Tired and sleepy M

450470110_a6dfe48518.jpgWanked Furiously.


Furious no more.

– John Heppolette

photo by fonecamshaz

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