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515853609_34d92b479b_m.jpgLooks like we may have to stop making fun of the farm animals and their farts (ha ha). Their farts – ahem, flatulence – has been proven to kill. Continue Reading »

tabemikako.jpgWe Japanese sure are a weird bunch. we do the weirdest things in the world and then invent ways to make them even weirder.

Last week, I posted an entry about this guy who stole women’s boots from health club lockers and this week an old guy steals from the police.

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51bf.jpgLast week a man from the Japanese city of Fukuoka (that Foo-coo-oh-ka, folks) was caught stealing this woman’s boots from a dressing room of a sports club, which are usually left outside the lockers as they are too big to fit inside.

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