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Actually, it doesn’t. It’s the layout that does. I know it does. Okay I admit. I didn’t always know. I also admit that I started a blog hastily, snappily and happily (if you notice, I wrote happily only because it was an amalgamation of the other two). But after a couple of months now, I’ve accumulated tools and tips on how to blog.

I now know that lots of the stuff here can be removed with no major impact, or can be moved to another section and that you, my loyal readers and good friends, will look for them if you wanted to and that I don’t need to throw it in your face.

Fond as I am of this 4-column layout, The World Of M will, move to a 2- or 3- column layout when the right one comes along.

The problem is, these free hosts don’t really give you that many themes to play around with. Well, there ain’t no free lunch, eh? So hang in there, and the ride will eventually smoothen out. I sorta promise.

Meanwhile, check out this website:


That is yummy navigation!

By the way, since it’s only a seasonal promotion it might change soon, so I’ve taken the liberty of caching it for your viewing pleasure, accessible here. Value-added service, courtesy of The World Of M