It’s an easy way of reading or looking at new content from different websites, all in one place. It’s also a very efficient way of keeping up to date with forum help requests, job searches etc. To use it you need something called an RSS reader, or “aggregrator”. The reader will highlight, or “aggregate” new content from these feeds that you subscribe to, and you don’t have to actually go to the individuals websites regularly to see if they’ve added new content, because they come to you!
How do I get it?
Two ways:
1. Latest web browsers (e.g. IE, Firefox and Safari) has a reader all built in. I personally use Google Reader.
2. You can download standalone RSS reader or sign up to a web-based service. Check out Google’s list of RSS readers.
When you’re surfing the good ol ‘net, just look around the page and see if there’s a link that says either of the following: “syndication”, “RSS” or “Subscribe”.That’s an indication that the website/blog/forum has an RSS feed. Simply click on it and follow the instructions.
Now that you’ve set up your reader all you have to open it everytime you want to see if there are new content.
Useful tip:
1. Maximise the use of your reader beyond reading news and gossip and receiving updated porn. Increasingly many job listings have an RSS feed. If it’s not in an obvious spot, use the search function in your browser (ctrl+F on PC’s, cmd+F on Macs) and type RSS (or syndicate/syndication).
2. If you can’t find the feed link, try this: delete everything after the domain and add”/feed”. Example:
If the site/page/forum has a feed, you will be taken to the feed page. If you reach the dreaded 404 page, then you’ll know that they haven’t caught up with the superb R-double-S!

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