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  • THIS IS SPARTA! and it’s gay! Hilarious.
  • Like a chinese rapper and women drivers (GASP!), these guys just aren’t meant to do these parts

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Okay, maybe the title of this entry wasn’t very convincing, but you will agree after reading this post. You’ll see the logic. First of all, it’s very hard to get people to visit your blog. Why? There are tonnes of blogs out there that are more interesting than reading about how you broke your fingernail or you woke up last night in front of the bin outside the home of a Thai ladyboy. There are also lots of other things to do on the internet like downloading pornographic images. I don’t even know if people are reading my blog. However, there’s a clear reason why. I am neither a geek nor a babe. Yep, I don’t know so much about something I could charge USD300 for a book I wrote on the loo on the train to Eastern Europe for a “fun weekend” and neither am I so hot that even with my clothes on I can fog up windscreens in summer. You can either be butt ugly but terribly good at oh I don’t know – application of quantum physics in a wok. Or you can be so breathtakingly good-looking (of course, this is subjective), people would pay you to kick them in the te$ticles. Or you can be Natalie Portman. If you are either one of the previously mentioned, traffic could come to your website pretty easily and making money for you. If you are the third option, my number is…

Woke up this morning to my usual dose of “ugh”, “blech”, newspaper and coffee. Clicking through the news (yes, the online newspaper), something caught my eye. Normally I tend to ignore images celebrities, particularly movie stars. I do believe that I have much better things to do than read about a someone showing their naked genitals in a Bentley Continental etc etc. However, this morning was somewhat different. The link next to the article I was reading had a rather surprisingly large picture of Heath Ledger. Surprisingly because it’s a respectable paper and even more so I was reading either the politics or business section and a Hollywood hunk shows up. Because he’s in the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight, playing a rather sordid-looking Joker, I thought I’d click on it and see if it was something to do with the film (because I really, really, can’t wait to see it. *click, click*, page loads. and it read “Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger found dead at 28”. First thought? “April Fools’ Day”! Then again, its Jan-bloody-uary! Pasted the headline into a search engine and I find that it is true. So weird. One day you’re famous, next day you die. That’s life – you never know when it’ll end.