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I cannot believe what I saw just now.

Reading an authoritative publication marketing, I came across this:

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It took me a while to realise this, but I have only discovered that blogging need not be as time-consuming as it was for me. I enjoy posting things up because, looking at my stats, I know that the few people who do read my blog actually enjoy the variety of stuff I post and regularly click on the links that I post.

So this is a new addition to TWOM. Interesting stuff I read on over the internet will be re-iterated as is, complete with the link. That way, my dear readers can still count on me for interesting mish mash from around the double-u double-u, double-u and I can still be lazy have a life.

Here’s the first ever Daily Waffle. Links open in new window

Enjoy promiscuously

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51bf.jpgLast week a man from the Japanese city of Fukuoka (that Foo-coo-oh-ka, folks) was caught stealing this woman’s boots from a dressing room of a sports club, which are usually left outside the lockers as they are too big to fit inside.

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They undermine men by saying that all we’re ever interested in is sex, and particularly during Valentines’ Day. Apparently, we only want our partners to wear skimpy, uncomfortable lingerie that exposes most parts and leave nothing to the imagination. As if sex games and dirty thoughts are what dominate our minds.

What happened to the romance and the cuddling and the long talks and laying in bed or hours and not having an erotic activity happening?

Watch this ad and you will see what I mean.

The tag line is so dirty! GIVE HIM WOOD?! I reiterate; it’s dirty, it’s derogatory, it’s glammed up and shameless. The ad itself…stockings, silk, lace, peek-a-boos, high heels, pouting……………..Like I said, Ann Summers is about nothing but glammed up, immoral, dirty, shameless sex and that’s … HOT! AND THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT!

I had been playing with the idea of sticking my calendars onto the blog. Thus far I haven’t – and I’m beginning to think that I won’t. There are several reasons why; but chiefly, it’s because I don’t want my exact whereabouts to be broadcasted all over the world. Arguably, all it takes is some idiot in the government to lose a couple of CD’s with all our details and then we’d all be screwed. That would not be indifferent to putting a TomTom on my back and uploading the broadcast to the whole world. Then there’s the psychos! I really don’t want to die getting stabbed just because some demented freakazoid ran out of Bratz dolls to take heads off of. Then there’s the question of creditors. I guess by now on the WWW I’m as transparent as Michael Jackson and they could, easily methinks, come and get me as I’m pulling out of a the driveway to get milk from the supermarket wearing my pajamas and no underwear – or a jock strap/gimp suit/cowboy/Pink Panther/feather boa (Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays, 10pm onwards only). So in other words there now won’t be a calendar advertising my exact location to demented killers/debt chasers/crazy people/plastic celebrities/vengeful tomatoes from outer space/Tom Cruise. Then again, why is there a need? People I see often know where I am and those who I haven’t seen in 10 years really don’t care where I am next Friday after dinner.