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It was bound to happen…LG teamed with Prada, and Armani with Samsung. Now, Dior have launched their mobile phone. At five thousand greenbacks, I doubt that you can get it on T Mobile Flex.

It does look a lot nicer than the LG-da or Samsung-mani , and you could tell that it is Dior whereas all the Prada and Armani have is their brands printed on the phone. Even their cases don’t carry the signature Prada badge or Armani eagle.

WAGs can ave a new toy now…apart from their Blackberry. Which makes me think: Why in the world do they need a Blackberry. One very likely reason is because emailing gossip to one anther is cheaper and more convenient on a Blackberry than on a regular mobile phone.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Diorphone from Engadget. No specs as yet, but if you’re buying one of them, you wouldn’t care about them, let alone need them.

Other designer madness

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Ohmygodmygodmygodmygod. This is my OLED dreams come true.

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That’s what you’d get if you had this Godzilla of a sound system at home. Yes, this is in someone’s home. Or a warehouse on his yard. Check out the madness:


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After it was unveiled several days ago that you can get a MacBook Carbon, you can now have a really stylish carbon carrier to go with it to show that you really mean business, the Carbon way! This baby’s going to set you back 3 grand (one and a half in sterling)


Of course you can always go for this one at $16,000:


Thanks to Andrew for the story; Nandini and Naveen for the images.

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Ok ladies (and some gentlemen), if you cycle, and you have about four thousand bucks that you have absolutely no idea what to do with, you can post it to me will to love this:

You can now buy a Gucci bicycle – Guccicycle. Only information available at time of writing is that it’s going to be in “China Red” (just say red) and and it’s going to carry a red GG saddle bag on each side.

Now you can ride with style.


It won’t be long before Vuitton and the rest come up with something similar just to prey on those newly-rich Chinese wallets. They’re going to exploit everything from furniture to car upholstery (that is – if they haven’t done it already).

I would hate to see Tiffany & Co. do a bicycle. Though I’d love to see someone try to ride a 24k white gold TiffaCycle.

If you think that’s hot you’ll also want to check these out:


Thanks, joe for the Guccicycle image

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Number 5: USB typing Speedometer

Number 4: Solid Alliance Lego USB stick



Number 3: Desktop Whack-a-mole


Number 2: Crystal headphones from Swarovski


And the number 1 must have:

The Humanscale Paramount!


What I really don’t want:

My MacBook to be encrusted with crystals. Headphones – yes. Mac – no.


Mickey mouse data


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…which folks around here seem to like. So with that in mind, here’s another little something you can add to your wonderfully lavish, if somewhat alien-like bathroom: the Smith Newman & Touch 360 Studio Ripple faucet.


With a touch screen, I mean touch sensitive pad and a magnetic ball that controls the temperature depending on how far off you roll the ball away from the center. The water then flows out of the two ducts, meeting in the middle and churning out the perfect temperature.

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The world will soon bow down to awesome might of Tesco (and/or Wal-Mart, too, my American counterparts). Tesco, as we all know, expands their business like crazy, like a plague! Recently, like bunnies on Viagra, they’ve introduced more virus into the marketplace. First car insurance comparison website – because their car insurance is quite well regarded, hey, let’s do a comparison site. Then came the Tesco shopping comparison site! Hey, we’re a retail outlet, let’s do a shopping comparison of our products. But most profoundly, they’re taking on Adobe and Microsoft as well. See for yourself:


343755213_78308c811d_m.jpg Okay, for Metro (London) readers, you can turn away now. Nothing new here.

If you haven’t heard of this incident, you’re in for a real treat!

We all know what bridges are like, yes?

We all know what 4 tonnes feel like, yes? Well, we can’t – but we can hazard a guess that it’s pretty damn heavy.

Here’s the question:

How do you steal a 4-tonne bridge?

Well, I haven’t got a clue. But this woman in Cheb, on the border of Czech Republic might. She stole one!

The police said: “We are not sure if it was taken for personal use or for its scrap value.”

Personal use? To link her boat house and her reception room?

Why didn’t anyone ask the most important question in this scenario:

How big was that woman?

Serious loadda crapper


We’ve heard of stories of rich people having weird toilets and oil-rich kings building their toilets with gold. But how about spending thousands on YOUR toilet? Meet the Toto MS990CGR-12 Neorest Toilet. The name suggests something that can fly to the International Space Station, dock, upload supplies in a matter of seconds and come back down to Earth again. Of course, you’d have to take away the word “toilet”.

Apparently the lid opens as I close-in on it. I wonder what if someone was “in a rush” and the toilet is ever-so-elegantly slowly and gently lifting its head and this poor soul is there probably crapped all over the place.

Then you have an auto flush. What you need is vocal capabilities, like Garfield’s talking weighing scale, and you have Comedy Central. “WOO HOO! Lay off the tikka masala, dude!”

It sports CycloneFlush (TM) technology and it “delivers higher performance than anything you’ve ever experienced.” Okay, first of all, just say it as it is: “Drowns all your shit, no matter how large.” And secondly: I’ve never really experienced a flush.

Best of all, is it has a manual override button, which is “discreet”. Right, at this point, I am helplessly tearful from the laughter and I can barely type. I have tapped “delete” at least ten times just trying to type this sentence. “Discreet manual override button”? So you can manually lift the toilet lid and flush! Oh my aching jaws, my cheeks!

Please, just visit this page and laugh to your heart’s content.

With technology we can use and spell (thank god for TLAs – Three letter acronyms) and nanotech,the only faces that we’re likely to see in future retail establishments are machine interfaces. We won’t need shopping lists and the Wal-Marts and Tescos can be as big as A city itself and we’re still going to be able to navigate the place and find what we’re looking for. The environment will be sterile and a playground for your senses with extra helpings of inner aurial and enhanced touch, even sixth sense, artificially induced. Retail heaven or sci-fi hell? The only difference is we won’t all be wearing white. Or will we? Continue Reading »

Initially, this was a security thing to deter kids from gathering in shopping malls and communal areas. It’s a harmless, very high frequency sound bite that only people under 25 can hear the older you are above the age of 26, the ability to detect this sound decreases! Bizarrely, tech-savvy kids have hijacked this sound and turned into a silent ringtone. And since most high school teachers would be at least 30 years old, they can safely bet that no teacher would hear their phones ring.


Only problem is…how do you know whose phone is it when more than one phone is ringing at the same time?!

Try it out here!

If you can hear it, it can be terribly annoying.
If you can’t hear it, it’d be a terrible reality check.
So listen at your own risk.