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Despite how busy we say we are in the office, there are always going to be the odd 5 minutes when there’s either absolutely nothing to do or when we’re waiting to transition into the next task. Chances are, we’re just venting out frustration because we’re bored of the job or stressed from the task. Have no fear, TWOM is here to rescue you.

newtonian_demonstratorsumm.jpgGone are the days when you have to put a cheesy little thing like the Newtonian demonstrator (pictured) or something equally silly – and soooo yesterday. just to fill those little annoying pockets of time. Gone are the days when you have to turn to a cigarette (or something stronger) to get rid of the frustration. From missiles to nostalgic games to plain old silly, here are the top 10 toys you can have in the office. All you need to do is plug them into your USB. Continue Reading »

On a not so recent Times column, Rod Liddle was commenting on Catherine Tate, possibly UK’s most annoying woman. This little line here, which almost made me piss myself, perfectly describes what I think of the woman:

“Tate’s show consists of a seemingly endless recitation of numbingly familiar catchphrases that were not very funny in the first place. The same woeful dross repeated week after week: humour for people with the IQ of a whelk. Am I bovvered? You should be, love – you’re about as funny as Pakistan.”

To read the whole column, click here.