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If you’re one of those who really, REALLY hates ads taking up all your bandwidth when loading webpages, you can either use ad blockers, which will sometimes distort the layout of the page. Or, you can use this new add-on for FireFox (why would you be using any other browser?). Addart put an image of curated art images from contemporary artists.


The slideshow apparently rotates every two weeks. I won’t be using this add-on, as I am already using NoScript, which works wonders. And also being on a Mac reduces the threat of malware, spyware, tableware and other online nasties.

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We are finally able to go to the final frontier. Sir Richard Branson, President and Founder of the Virgin Group announced the establishment of Virgle, a joint venture between Virgin and Google to put the first human settlement on Mars.

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This month at TWOM we’ve been completely Mario-ed.


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I think males already do spend more time in front of the mirror and more money on cosmetics than women nowadays. But thanks to this mirror, I shall outdo my partner, with great ease, in the spending-time-in-front-mirror event.


Do you even remember Atari?

Mario retrocool

Mario table

Thanks to Gearfuse

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This little guy here is called the Linutop 2. It is so small that even my hard drive is bigger. Gone are the days when only the obese can say “I sat on my computer and broke it.” Cometh are the days when schoolchildren can say “My dog ate my homework, which was in my computer.”

What we have here, is not an ultra fast super computer that can run NASA and MI5 at the same time. In fact, it only has a 500Mhz Processor, 512MB RAM and it comes with a load of open-source applications like the Ubuntu OS and Open Office on a minuscule 1GB of memory!

It is, however, the world’s most energy-efficient computer. It uses just as much energy as a lettuce. Hooking it up to the Sony OLED might be pretty hot. Told you things were getting smaller. Or flatter.

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with another MacBook Air spoof for these little fellas, like these ones here, and here.

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Yeah but if they all look like Cheryl Tweedy, they can be as loud as they want.


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Ohmygodmygodmygodmygod. This is my OLED dreams come true.

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amd_princess_diana2.jpg Last month, Roy Scheider, the guy from Jaws and Seaquest, passed away.

This following Heath Ledger’s death. This I find really strange, because famous people from the same groups usually die at roughly the same time – usually in pairs. Remember when Princess Diana died? That was roughly the same time as Mother Teresa’s death. Continue Reading »


Remember Murphy’s law? Anything that can screw up, will. Especially computers.

And we all know how just how reliable Microsoft is, right?

It’s not just Microsoft though…so long as it’s a computer, it will find a way, when you’re least expecting it, to kick you in the nether region (regardless of gender) and laugh in your face.

I once read that 100% of people working on computers have lost their work somehow. Thousands of computers die and/or software crashes every second, losing some, most or all of our hard work. Regardless of how advanced auto-saving and network harddrives etc are, we’re still going to lose work one way or the other.

Here’s a guide to saving yourself the pain from losing work. Here is the beginning of a series that I am devoting to these little things that we take for granted, but by paying attention to them will save us from those little pangs of depression brought forth by nasty surprises. Continue Reading »


Despite how busy we say we are in the office, there are always going to be the odd 5 minutes when there’s either absolutely nothing to do or when we’re waiting to transition into the next task. Chances are, we’re just venting out frustration because we’re bored of the job or stressed from the task. Have no fear, TWOM is here to rescue you.

newtonian_demonstratorsumm.jpgGone are the days when you have to put a cheesy little thing like the Newtonian demonstrator (pictured) or something equally silly – and soooo yesterday. just to fill those little annoying pockets of time. Gone are the days when you have to turn to a cigarette (or something stronger) to get rid of the frustration. From missiles to nostalgic games to plain old silly, here are the top 10 toys you can have in the office. All you need to do is plug them into your USB. Continue Reading »

That’s what you’d get if you had this Godzilla of a sound system at home. Yes, this is in someone’s home. Or a warehouse on his yard. Check out the madness:


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images.jpgI really envy these people with so much time on their hands. Not long after I’d spoken of the Mario table, I come across this: A Mario Quilt! How cool. Can’t say I approve of the TV cabinet though. By now, I’m pretty convinced that someone else knitted a Mario sofa cover, a Mario steering wheel, a Mario mouse, a Mario toilet seat and then some. Rather than searching for them (I have a life?) I shall wait and see if I come across them in the near future. You’ll find out when I do.


I’ve only just noticed that I had left this as a draft and never got to post it. Rather than make you wait for it, I’m going to just post them all right now so you can enjoy all things Mario.
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After it was unveiled several days ago that you can get a MacBook Carbon, you can now have a really stylish carbon carrier to go with it to show that you really mean business, the Carbon way! This baby’s going to set you back 3 grand (one and a half in sterling)


Of course you can always go for this one at $16,000:


Thanks to Andrew for the story; Nandini and Naveen for the images.

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