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This month at TWOM we’ve been completely Mario-ed.


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I think males already do spend more time in front of the mirror and more money on cosmetics than women nowadays. But thanks to this mirror, I shall outdo my partner, with great ease, in the spending-time-in-front-mirror event.


Do you even remember Atari?

Mario retrocool

Mario table

Thanks to Gearfuse

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Faithful readers,

I am finally back to my beloved blog and I have missed you all. I have been very busy preparing for various tasks that are to be carried out within the next few months, which is why I have (unintentionally) hung you guys to dry for those couple of weeks since my last post. Right now I am back and I have a tonne of posts all half-ready to go, so please expect more of your daily dose of crazy ramblings and awesome encounters.

So before I go on to tickle your senses, here’s what’s been happening since TWOM 2.0:

The small, shy and cute Wii, turns out to be an understated and underestimated monster, rising from the depths of wireless hell and killing the PS3 and Xbox. Watch out because yours might be eaten alive tomorrow, it’s only a matter of time. If that isn’t exciting enough, how about a toilet with a built-in tsunami? Several people, suffering from wii-thdrawal symptoms, with loads of dosh, Gs, moolah, cash and greens went to get this display/mirror, and abused it by masturbating whilst enjoying tasteful nudity and shopping euphoria. To grief over their wii’s, they went out to get a truck load of Mario stuff and stumbled into Mario heaven – or something that looks like it came from the game.

– a collection of the favourite posts in the last couple of months

Tired and sleepy M

images.jpgI really envy these people with so much time on their hands. Not long after I’d spoken of the Mario table, I come across this: A Mario Quilt! How cool. Can’t say I approve of the TV cabinet though. By now, I’m pretty convinced that someone else knitted a Mario sofa cover, a Mario steering wheel, a Mario mouse, a Mario toilet seat and then some. Rather than searching for them (I have a life?) I shall wait and see if I come across them in the near future. You’ll find out when I do.


I’ve only just noticed that I had left this as a draft and never got to post it. Rather than make you wait for it, I’m going to just post them all right now so you can enjoy all things Mario.
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I’ve always been a table fan. I mean, Mario fan. I was delighted when I saw this table, which kind of combines the two of all the Italian things I like: Mario and mosaic tiles. Then there’s pizza, pasta, olives, Armani, Gucci, Miu Miu, Sicily, Monica Belucci et cetera et cetera. Then there’s Ferrari, too.


To make a Mario table:

All you need is an old coffee table – I have one from IKEA that cost me £7 and has lasted me ages. Good timing since the surface is full of beer and coffee stains and left over pasta which has hardened to form the surface of Mars!

Then you need some mosaic tiles. Go find someone who hasn’t decorated his or her kitchen/bathroom since the 60’s and nick it.

Glue them onto the table as per this image.

source: kotaku [dot]com